Paper Values

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Each paper will be carefully reviewed. The criteria that will be given to the conference reviewers have been reproduced below. Authors are advised to bear these criteria in mind while writing their papers:
  1. How important is the work reported?
  2. Does it attack an important/difficult problem or a peripheral/simple one?
  3. Does the approach offered advance the state of the art?
  4. Has this or similar work been previously reported? Are the problems and approaches completely new?
  5. Is this a novel combination of familiar techniques?
  6. Does the paper point out differences from related research? Is it re-inventing the wheel using new terminology?
  7. Is the paper technically sound?
  8. Does it carefully evaluate the strengths and limitations of its contribution?
  9. How are its claims backed up? Is the paper clearly written? Does it motivate the research?
  10. Does it describe clearly the algorithms or techniques employed?
  11. Does the paper describe previous work? Are the results described and evaluated?
  12. Is the paper organised in a logical fashion?

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